Bedtime Revenge Procrastination Syndrome

The “bedtime revenge procrastination” Syndrome

The world we live in is coining new terms for every action of ours. We are being judged at every level. So, now “sleeping late” has a new trending phrase for it. Yup! You got that right! The “Bedtime Revenge Procrastination” syndrome. Makes one sound like a lazy, psychological serial killer!

Simply explained, this term refers to a growing number of people who stay up late to reclaim lost time during the day. A result of time compression (a feeling that time has passed more quickly than one realised), Bedtime Revenge Procrastination is a phenomenon in which people who don't have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late night hours."- explains writer, Daphne K. Lee

Could this be a result of over-planned days, Fomo & not being able to say No? We are packing in so much into our days, that while we feel busy we don`t feel satisfied and therefore seek more time for ourselves at the end of the day. Getting those hours of Me-time at night, perhaps just scrolling social media sites or watching tele into the wee hours is not giving us more hours from the day gone by, but stealing precious hours of sleep, rest & restoration that the body and mind need from a good night’s sleep. Perhaps we should look at it as a huge loss rather than a gain!

Are you a bedtime revenge procrastinator?