Our Story

EST. 2019

A few years ago, after 16 years of working with some of the best brands in the retail industry and managing their sleepwear business, I began a journey of self discovery and mindfulness, which lead me to taking time off from work and focusing on more personal needs, which included health & wellness.

As I started this new journey of "good living", often times overlooked in the frenzy of urban life, I realised it was an individual pursuit with no set path. I had to work out what that meant for myself.

Soon enough, I understood it was what I ate and how I ate, setting priorities and not over-scheduling my day and most importantly getting quality sleep, so that I was fresh and full of energy the next morning. I also understood the deep relationship between a good night's rest and balanced hormones. 

Good Living is a true luxury which requires time, awareness and self love.

As I began to get fit and live healthy, I recognised that in this journey, the luxury of deep and rested sleep was at the root of all things good. And so I began to set a disciplined sleep time and honour it with perpetuity. Beauty sleep! And, with that, came a little Sleep Ritual of self care and winding down. 

Naturally, I went out shopping to find comfortable and flattering sleepwear. But the options available didn’t match the modern woman I was or wanted to be.

I realised, that even though we spend over one-third of our life in bed, sleepwear is usually the most undervalued part of our wardrobes. The Calm Collective was born out of research and conversations with many women who felt similar.



Relax, we`ve got this! We believe in quality because we believe in mindful purchasing. To enable you to do that, we create quality garments that will last. We will never end up in a landfill a few months down the road because all our fabrics undergo testing in international labs and use AZO-FREE softener washes & dyes.



Thoughtful and intentional design decisions have been made while creating these beautiful garments. We agonize over every stitch. The elastic used has been mindfully selected so that you don’t even know it's there while you rest. Details are important, but, not at the cost of over-powering the aesthetic or bothering you between those deep hours of sleep.



We have kept our focus on addressing the things that keep you up at night, such as restlessness and temperature control, to name a few. And for this reason, we work only with natural, light-weight, breathable cotton, silk, modal and Linen fabrics with an ultra soft touch, in contemporary cuts and styles for the modern, confident & mindful woman you are.

We create each garment with an eye for detail to enhance your experience and we hope you enjoy wearing our sleepwear as much as we enjoy making these beautiful clothes for you!

Have a Good Night!